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Our Offerings

Business Incorporation and Licensing Outsource

Need your business to be incorporated or you need to outsource any project license? We have an immense expertise in implementing the legal pathways and operational milestones. From ideation to strategy and even to marketing, sales and delivery our team will work with you hand in hand throughout.

New Projects

You are yet doubtful about your project or need development assistance be it functional or financial? We are here to help you out. From funding your project to even helping you implementing it, based on your project statement we will help you out throughout.

Investment and Funding

From funding your startup to mentoring your CxO's and even connecting you to the other investment pools, we are there for your each requirement. We also have our own incubation and virtual incubation programs dedicated for farely young startups who are not yet ready for an equity based funding.

Business Strategy and Corporate Mentoring

Having helped more than 20 startups in last decade, we are well equipped with a skill set to guide you through a new strategisation. We help implementing the changes in your organization not just at a structural level but also at behavioural level based on change indicators. Our mentoring sessions are specifically designed for each layer of the hierarchy and hence we help your organisation transformation in a more holistic way.

About Us

Taking Quality hand in hand with Quantity

Starting your own business or expanding your business to new territories is not an easy task. It is a long road. We understand this and are here to be your co-pilot in your journey. Our expertise is to be a complementing factor to your success and your milestones. What we do?

Our motto, "Helping Your Business Succeed" pretty much completely explains what we aim for.

Currently, we are investing in projects and young startups that show promising concepts.

Whether it is about funding or mentoring your team or implementing your strategy or just consulting you on your legal policies... ProgTra brings an industry experience on the table with your business at the top of our priority.

Our Founder

Utkarsh Kaushik

Founder - ProgTra

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